What is MS Excel ? Scope and Opportunities

MS excel is basically a software which is a part of the Microsoft Office Package. It enables us to maintain records in a systematic manner.

In today’s world of data MS Excel plays a crucial role. As a productivity tool that can also be used to improve communication, spreadsheets offer benefits to a diverse range of departments within a company. When used strategically and regularly, spreadsheets can abolish the need for expensive software for any department it serves.


  • Excel is a spreadsheet software and  it is important because it plays various key roles in many organizations. It saves time and makes our work easy. Given below are some important features of excel:
  • Plays a crucial role in doing calculations and formula based arithmetic.
  • Many organizations uses this software for creating memos, track sales trend and other business data.
  • It has the ability to serve as a visual basic for different applications.
  • Its grid interface allows users to organize various kind of data.

This software has a flexibility feature which allows a user to manage the structure of information with ease.
Science background professionals can also use excel as it allows them to efficiently work with statistical formulas and graphing.

Jobs for MS Excel Users:

Administrative Assistants

Financial Analysts

Retail Store Managers

Project Managers


Data Journalists

Business Analysts


And last but not the least, acquiring skills in advanced MS Excel will offer you better salary aspects as you will be a professional who can play with numbers and figures fluently and can offer both small and large scale organization your assistance.

Do you use Excel in your job?  Share your MS Excel work experiences with us……

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