Rank #1 on Google using 5 Free SEO Tools

Learn about SEO free Tools and Skyrocket your Ranking on Google!!! If you’re new to the world of SEO(Search Engine Optimization), these five free tools will go a long way in helping you formulate a strategy for reaching your goals.

Google Search Console

It is a web service by Google which allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites. It helps you measure the site’s traffic and performance.

Using this you can see what keyword searches on Google led to the site being listed in the SERPs, and the total clicks, total impressions, and the average click through rates of such listings.

Use it to grow your ranking- 

Yoast Site Plugin

It is a SEO plugin for wordpress. The Yoast SEO Plugin makes it easy for your site to meet the highest technical SEO standards. It also gives you the tools to bring your content to the highest standards of SEO and overall readability. It makes sure that your site has-

                  ·         canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content;

                  ·         a valid Schema.org structured data implementation;

                  ·         a noindex or nofollow option for every page;

                  ·         OpenGraph tags for every page or article;

Use it to grow your ranking- 


It specializes in generating new keyword ideas. This gives you all the basic info you need like SD (search difficulty), PD (paid difficulty) and CPC (cost per click)of the keyword, along with how that keyword’s search volume has been trending over the last 12 months.

       ·         Related keyword: It gives you the most popular keyword related to your seed keyword. It benefits you improving the keywords you are using in your content.

       ·         Content ideas: This gives you a list of content on that topic that drives lot of traffic, Backlinks, and social media shares.

       ·         Average Backlinks and Domain Score: This tool tells you approximately how many Backlinks you need to rank on the first page for that keyword.

       ·        SERP Overview: If you click on the “SEO Difficulty” card, you’ll get to see the top 100 ranking pages for that term, along with data on their links, social shares and estimated traffic.

Use it to grow your ranking- 


This awesome tool lets you check the SERPs across different locations and devices. As you probably know, the search results change dramatically depending on where you are and what device you’re using. 

(Especially for local searches, like: “pizza shop” or “landscaper”). 

And this tool lets you see exactly how the results will look for someone searching on a particular phone from pretty much any major city in the world.

Use it to grow your ranking- 


Lipperhey is an online SEO service that analyzes and objectively assesses the quality, searchability and popularity of your website. It’s an easy way to monitor your site’s SEO health and progression. Lipperhey will index your website in addition to offering its own powerful SEO Web Analytics, Keyword Suggestions and unique Lead Generation.

Analyse Website: It Analyze your website on technical, seo content and popularity aspects. After the analysis, Lipperhey will show you how you can improve your website for higher conversion rate.

Better keyword suggestions: Lipperhey tells you the most promising keywords you should include in your content based on your existing traffic.

This allows you to get more insight into your visitors and dramatically grow your organic search traffic.

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