What is the scope of Python ? Future and Opportunities

Scope of Python is very good. Python is becoming popular because of advantages, like simple syntax, easy to learn, supports different programming paradigm, platform independent etc.

According to Google Trends, Python programmers are having high demand in the market.

In future, Python will have widespread currency because of its ability to be used for general purpose with great code readability and portability.

Python can be used to develop different applications. These applications can be used to to automate the complicated tasks.


• Python is an open source, general purpose, and object-oriented programming language.
• It is the best language for a beginner to enter into the programming world, because it is liberal in many ways.
• It is suitable for developing mobile apps, GUI applications and websites.
• Many of the high-traffic websites like National Geographic, Yahoo Maps, Google, and Mozilla and so on use Python.
• Machine learning and DATA Science are considered to be the main reason for the acceptance of Python.
• By learning Python one can be able to work in different profiles like Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Software Engineer, and Research Analyst.

Python has gradually emerged as the most popular coding language. Not only because it is easy to learn but because it has many good features to its credit. Python is an Object-Oriented Language, with easy readability and a huge community.

It has the 3rd Largest Meetup Community and it is considered as the 4th Most-Used Language at GitHub.


  • Easy
  • Coding is easy
  • Easy to read
  • Expressive
  • Free and open source
  • High Level
  • Portable
  • Interpreted
  • Object oriented
  • Extensible
  • Embeddable
  • Large standard library
  • GUI programming
  • Dynamically typed

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