What are the problems faced in the progress of the Education System? Measures to improve Education System.

The economy of our country not only depends on the technologies, natural resources that we have. It mainly depends on the quality of education that our education system provides.

The Indian Education System has its share of issues and challenges. For the students who are the future of our country, we need to resolve these issues. Over the years, a lot has changed in the Indian education system but still, there are many loopholes and problems which need to be resolved. 

Current problems with the Education System.

  • Capitals: The government should be more focused on an allotment of funding to the education sector. Capitals have the potential to change the current way of education.
  • Proper PPPs: There should be a proper PPP(Public-Private Partnership). A well-designed PPP can create better models for the innovation of the school system that leads to a better education system.
  • Capacity utilization: We now need more creative minds. The Government should encourage students to creativity. The study should not be the only thing that a student can do. Each student has different potential and interests. The proper utilization of students’ interests can lead to the betterment of our country too.
  • Selection criteria of teachers: In most of our schools the teacher’s selection & recruitment process is non-merit based. Selectors choose the teachers as per their choice without considering the capabilities of the person as the teacher. Lack of proper academic qualifications and competency in the practice of teaching is another challenge.
  • Good infrastructure: Schools and educational institutes should have good infrastructure. A good environment leads to better learning and adapting power.
  • Student-Teacher ratio: There are far more students in comparison to the students. The ratio of Student-Teacher is so low that it not possible to give one-to-one attention to every student.
  • Students studying abroad: In India, most students prefer to go abroad for further studies. They are aware of their capabilities but they need a proper guide which will help them for the betterment of their personality. This type of education system will not help them to be the best, they prefer to go abroad for further studies.
  • Quality of Knowledge: Quality is more important while considering knowledge. Your worth depends on the quality of knowledge you have. Therefore, our education system should be more focused on providing the quality of knowledge.

Measures to improve the Education System.

  • Skill-based learning: Students should be allowed to learn the skill, he/she might be interested in. Giving the chance to learn the thing one is interested in may give them confidence and ensures that they will fly with shinning colours in that field.
  • Educate Parents: Most of the time it is seen that the children’s woes center around that of their parents. In the Indian scenario, parents are the ones who force their wards into a career they do not like. As a result, students do not excel and upon failing to meet their parent’s expectations, they suffer from several mental health issues. To prevent such a thing from happening, the first step that must be taken is to educate the parents about the different career options that are available to the students and the possible scope of the future in them.
  • Minimum qualification of teachers: Although this has been initiated by the government, still there exists a loophole. There should be proper criteria for the selection of teachers. If the minimum qualification comes into the act, it will ensure the best teacher is allotted.
  • Quality education: There should be more emphasis on the quality of education. It enables people to develop all of their attributes and skills to achieve their potential as human beings and members of society.

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